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"When you look into the window of another culture you see your own reflection."


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'Arrows Against The Wind'

Producer / Director - Tracey Holloway

(1 x 52 mins)

SBS Television, Australia

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West Papua, also known as Irian Jaya, is the 'Amazon of Asia.' It is a land of vast jungles and tropical rainforests, where tribal peoples have lived for 25,000 years. Filmed secretly in West Papua this is the story of two tribes, the Dani and Asmat. In 1967, Indonesia invaded West Papua, opening up the land for development and banning all international observers. While the Dani's future is threatened by Indonesia's assimilation program, the Asmat tribe has faced the destructive invasion of their land, for their forests contain valuable resources to be exploited.

Due to unprecedented worldwide media coverage, this film scored high ratings. Awarded Best Documentary - National Educational Film Festival, USA. Birmingham International Educational Film Festival and Vermont International Film Festival. Distributed by Beyond International.

Press - "Loaded with vivid images and rare archival footage." The London Times

Review -2009 "A unique and provocative examination of colonialism and humanity's relationship with nature. With stunning visual acuity, this video documents the tragic social and environmental consequences when a natural relationship becomes unbalanced... This important documentary clearly illustrates the inter-connection between political, social, and environmental actions. Bound to be a good discussion starter, it is highly recommended, especially for universities and academic library collections."

**** Video Rating Guide for Libraries

'The Last Magician'

Co-producer / director - Tracey Holloway and Liz Thompson

(1 x 52 mins)

BBC & ABC Television

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A clash of cultures in Papua New Guinea played out by three chiefs, with opposing views. William believes the people of Papua New Guinea should go back to a traditional way of life and forget hospitals, roads and modern development. Meanwhile, John K sees nothing wrong in exploiting natural resources. Chief Nalubatau is dying and does not know if his spirit will go to Catholic heaven or Tuma, the traditional place of the dead. Confusion reigns. 'The Last Magician' was broadcast on 'Under the Sun' BBC2. Selected as Choice of the Day in all broadsheets.

Received exceptional reviews, including a nomination for Best Direction & Best Documentary - AFI Awards.

Distributed by BBC Worldwide.

Press - 'This study of a society in transition, is quite simply stunning.' The Independent

Reviews 2009 - I am a great fan of this film. Nalubatau was a very interesting and charasmatic man who played a pivotal role in Trobriand history. The Last Magician poses the right questions about the future of the Trobriand Islands.

Allan Darrah, Department of Anthropology, CSUS, USA.

**** Video Rating Guide for Libraries

'Farewell to The Last Magician'

Co-producer / director -

(1 x 30 mins)


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Nalubatau has passed away. Chief and the last keeper of magic in the Trobriand Islands, PNG, he was revered by his people for his wisdom and knowledge. The Catholic priest believes the chief's spirit will go to Heaven, not Tuma the traditional place of the dead. Tradition is followed.


Produced for The Australian Film Commission.

**** Video Rating Guide for Libraries

'The Rhythm of Time'


(1 x 30 mins)

TrobwomLand Beyond Productions Image 2758

A Musical Journey in the Trobriand Islands, PNG. MTV, World Music Collaboration.

Follows a musical collaboration between an Australian composer and Trobriand musicians. Evocative music and dance captures the magic of the Trobriand Islands and shows once again that no other culture can adapt to their changing world, like the Trobrianders.


Produced for The Australian Film Commission.

**** Video Rating Guide for Libraries

'Pig Tusks & Paper Money'

Director - Tracey Holloway

(1 x 52 mins)

ABC Television, Australia

HenryLand Beyond Productions Image 2759

In Rabaul, Papua New Guinea, shell money and pig tusks are currencies which can buy most things. This film is the intimate portrait of a man whose life is devoted to promoting local economies. Henry Tokabak explains, 'we do not benefit from the global economy, we survive using our traditional currencies.' Henry's dream is to create the first shell money bank. But volcanoes, looters and government bureaucracy all play their part in thwarting his initiative.

Distributed by ABC International

**** Video Rating Guide for Libraries

'A Cave in the Snow'

Associate Producer - Tracey Holloway

'A Firelight Production. Director - Liz Thompson

(1 x 52 mins)

SBS Television, Australia

cave in the snowLand Beyond Productions Image 2760

In 1976 after battling with blatant sexism within the monastic order, British born Tenzin Palmo isolated herself in a remote Himalayan cave engaging in twelve years of Buddhist meditation. She faced unimaginable cold, wild animals, near-starvation and avalanches. Her goal was to gain enlightenment. Featuring exclusive interviews with the Dalai Lama.

Distributed by TVF International, London.

**** Video Rating Guide for Libraries

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