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'The Last Magician'

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The Last Magician
Co-producer / director

(1 x 52 mins)

BBC & ABC Television

Last MagtitleA clash of cultures in Papua New Guinea played out by three chiefs, with opposing views. William believes the people of Papua New Guinea should go back to a traditional way of life and forget hospitals, roads and modern development. Meanwhile, John K sees nothing wrong in exploiting natural resources. Chief Nalubatau is dying and does not know if his spirit will go to Catholic heaven or Tuma, the traditional place of the dead. Confusion reigns. 'The Last Magician' was broadcast on 'Under the Sun' BBC2. Selected as Choice of the Day in all broadsheets. Received exceptional reviews, including a nomination for Best Direction & Best Documentary - AFI Awards.

Distributed by BBC Worldwide.

Press - 'This study of a society in transition, is quite simply stunning.' The Independent

Reviews 2009 - I am a great fan of this film. Nalubatau was a very interesting and charasmatic man who played a pivotal role in Trobriand history. The Last Magician poses the right questions about the future of the Trobriand Islands.

Allan Darrah, Department of Anthropology, CSUS, USA.

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