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    "This study of a society in transition is quite, simply stunning." 
The Independent   

"Arrows Against the Wind"


The Times

"Tracey Holloway, was a 23 year-old Englishwoman when she set off for Irian Jaya, one of Indonesia's most remote and dangerous regions to shoot, in secret, her first film."

"When Arrows Against the Wind was shown on SBS Television it generated record ratings and a blaze of media coverage."

"Tracey has that rare and old fashioned quality of someone obsessed with their subject. She was born out of her time, really, from the great days of documentary making in the 1960's."

David Suzuki

"I watched 'Arrows Against the Wind' and was moved to tears."

"The Last Magician"


The Daily Telegraph

"Poetic, thought-provoking and deeply moving, this film deserves your attention.

The Guardian

"Tracey Holloway and Liz Thompson's outstanding documentary 'The Last Magician' describes the clash between the 20th century and traditional culture in Papua New Guinea."

"This superb film may make you feel sad, disgusted and very, very angry."


"This moving film brings immediacy to the social and ecological issues of our changing world."

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