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With over 15 years of experience in broadcast TV, we cover all video production. We produce promotional films, testimonials, short documentaries and web videos, which profile your work. We can produce DVD's or stream your video on the web. We supply camera crews who also work freelance for BBC and Channel 4. Post-production includes motion graphics , titles, credits, sound effects and audio mix.


We work with charities based in the UK and international charities. Some charities lack the experience to secure funds. We work closely with fundraisers who are highly experienced at placing successful bids for clients.

Your stories

We are always looking for original, engaging stories, which make an impact. World conflicts, loss of biodiversity, climate changes are issues which face us all. Film is the most powerful medium for bringing about social change. We can work with you to facilitate funding at The Channel 4 BRITDOC Foundation, with an objective to secure broadcasters.


We are a small company and we are able to work closely with our clients from pre-planning to editing. Working to your budget we can meet all of your video needs from scripting, development and shooting events to post-production, editing, titles, graphics and music. 

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As Head of TV Production at The Media Trust, Tracey Holloway developed 'Visions', 25 social action films dealing with key issues; community, environment, human rights, making a difference and visions of the future. Produced by new film-makers in the advertising industry, this highly successful series was launched at 10 Downing St and broadcast on Channel 5.


"Pat & I have watched and listened to the DVD and found it to be very professional. It is to the point and all the explanations are clear and understandable without being over the top technically, rather it is very informative and concise."

Robin Dover / CVS

"Very professional, and very useful to families who so often feel ignored, misunderstood and undervalued, even if the diagnosis is made correctly. The point that came over from the parent/patient interviews was how ill-informed their medical advisers seemed to be, and it seems to me it is time to try to tackle this."


'I have just watched the film.You have done a wonderful job - from the title, introduction, editing through to the questions. The whole film looks very professional and I am sure it took a lot of editing to get it that way. Many thanks, and I will be pleased to have the extra copies."

Dr Monica M. Jackson
Department of Archaeology
The University of Sydney NSW 2006

Selected Credits

Madame Tussauds

Opera on the Run

Royal Academy of the Arts

CVS, A Doctor's view

Department of Archeaology, Sydney

Peace not War - Trafalga Sq

Royal Society of Antiquities

University of Sydney

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